This description of Barbara Czeizel's work was prepared when Barbara Czeizel was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2013.
Investment in early childhood intervention – a system of professional services for very young children at risk of developmental delays, disabilities or atypical behavior – is a strategic question for each country, preventing abandonment and translating into positive returns on each dollar invested. However, in the European context, government service programs fail to provide integrated early childhood intervention strategies in all policies, leading to families lacking resources and skills to know how to develop their child during this period. Barbara Czeizel gives new hope for these families and for related expert groups by offering complex, institutionalized services to create better future prospects for children allowing them to become full and active members of their societies. Over the past 20 years, Barbara’s extraordinarily comprehensive approach enlarged the number of children receiving proper treatment across Europe via independent replication of her model center and mindset change.
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The Problem
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