Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2014
Çocuklar Ayn? Çat? Alt?nda (ÇAÇA)
This description of Azize Leygara's work was prepared when Azize Leygara was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2014.
Azize works with street children of Diyarbakır, whose families were displaced from their villages as a result of armed conflict between armed Kurdish groups and Turkish military and the forced migration that followed. Using spaces and materials that are familiar to children such as street trash, local folklore and myths, Azize builds games, toys and a series of psycho-social activities that fosters confidence, self-respect, empathy and creativity in the children. Azize and ÇAÇA also act as a support center for the families and an initiator of cross-sector partnerships to intervene at the problem at multiple levels. Their efforts have played a key role in diminishing the number of street children in Diyarbak?r by half, which gives them courage as they plan to expand to other cities in the region.
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