Atsumasa Tochisako

Ashoka Fellow
United States
Fellow Since 2007
My work: accelerating economic growth in thriving immigrant communities by promoting access to credit.

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Related TopicsFinancial services / markets, Microenterprise, Poverty alleviation, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity


This profile was prepared when Atsumasa Tochisako was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
Atsumasa Tochisako is recreating microfinance and remittance-transfer industries to serve the world’s new, globalized poor regardless of where they are—at home or working abroad. While economic migration is quickly transforming the world, the financial-services industry has failed to adjust. Atsumasa recognized that by treating the family as a single, transnational entity, with all members accessing high-quality financial services, global economic migration can be leveraged as a powerful engine for economic betterment.
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