Arnold Noyek

Ashoka Fellow
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fellow Since 2009


This profile was prepared when Arnold Noyek was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2009.
The New Idea
To change the way doctors approach health problems in the Middle East, Dr. Noyek has devised an incremental and personal mentoring approach to cooperation. The approach starts with training fellowships, progresses to student exchanges, and leads to the implementation of regional research projects, the establishment of a cross-border network of peaceful professional cooperation, organizational interactions, and the adoption of critical public policy changes at the national level. His organization, the Canada International Scientific Exchange Program (CISEPO) invites collaboration among health professionals from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Canada to solve pressing health issues in the Middle East. In part, Dr. Noyek achieves this through CISEPO initiatives that include: Educational programs such as student exchanges, training fellowships, on-the-ground conferences, and international eHealth and needs-based cooperative professional development and research. The participants in these initiatives then become lifetime members of the CISEPO network.Through the Canadian student-exchange program, CISEPO is building the capacity of medical students in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Canada for greater cooperation among health professionals in the future. To produce further change, Dr. Noyek also created a network of established health professionals from the same countries to spearhead initiatives that not only resolve pressing health problems, but also foster cooperation and lead to policy changes.Dr. Noyek’s organization is unique as a health-focused entity nurturing cross-border cooperation across the Arab and Israeli frontier in the Middle East, persistently achieving an impressive impact over the last 16 years in the context of a highly divisive conflict. He has advanced the field of health in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan by working on mother-child health, nutrition, infectious diseases, hearing health, youth health, other clinical and public health disciplines, thus strengthening health systems. This diversity is important as it has enabled CISEPO to have a greater impact, as well as facilitate relationships among a diversity of actors in the region.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person


I'm working today, with my colleagues, on the same global projects and programs as we've done almost constantly for the past many years in demonstrating the unique global value of CISEPO. We are creating meaningful projects and programs of high-impact in the health sector for our partners abroad and the societies and cultures that they represent, through telehealth and through exchanges here in Canada and through CISEPO on the ground activities. We bring together universities and medical schools and schools for public health and elements of the public sector such as schools across the globe in health and public health. You can best understand what we do by looking at our CISEPO website What we do that is consistent with and elevates the Ashoka mission in that we have created a large cadre of changemakers in Canada and abroad and young health professionals who continue to grow the network and remain committed to the cause of building a better world through education and professional development within our social contract.

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