Ashoka Fellow
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This profile was prepared when Antonio García Domínguez was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
The New Idea
Antonio believes societal equality between men and women requires a shift in the male mindset and the prevailing model of masculinity. He works with egalitarian men—which he defines as men who accept the existence of structural discrimination against women, understand the responsibility of men in promoting change, and who understand the personal and social benefits of life in an equitable society—and equips them as masculine role models, spokesmen, and leaders of a bottom-up equality movement.
To achieve a truly equal society, where gender is not a motive for discrimination, Antonio is convinced that any effort must include the male half of society. Therefore he is designing a movement of men working to achieve equality by serving as both references and the driving force behind a public debate on gender equality from the perspective and with the active engagement of men. He brings together men that are in the process of achieving this transformation and who understand that becoming egalitarian means accessing new benefits that a sexist society doesn’t offer. This focus attracts men to the movement who often hadn’t considered the importance of adapting internal changes.
To initiate and fuel this social movement, Antonio founded the Association of Men for Gender Equality (AHIGE—the only one of its kind in Spain), with a model that includes support structures for men, programs for youth, awareness activities, advocacy work, as well as the production of the necessary tools and materials to equip egalitarian men. Antonio and AHIGE have two main objectives: First, to bring the role of men, in the effort towards gender equality, from the private space to the public sphere and, second, to be a network that offers new models of masculinity for men, especially young men, who do not have positive role models for change.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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