Ashoka Fellow
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This profile was prepared when Alice Emasu was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
In 2003 Alice founded the Association for the Re-orientation and Rehabilitation of Teso Women for Development (TERREWODE), to provide practical solutions to women in post-conflict areas. She is removing the barriers toward economic development for Uganda’s small-scale farming women and building a national grassroots movement of women practitioners in all sectors.

Alice has created a multipronged approach that addresses the most critical health issues, agricultural productivity, and legal issues related to land ownership. She has a diverse network of collaborators coming from the health, legal, and agricultural fraternity. Alice encourages women to believe in themselves, and to believe their justice system will work for them. Women then become advocates for other women in the community around land rights violations.

Alice is also developing a visible body of law at the local level that creates awareness in the rural communities where she works; that women have the right to own land. To accomplish this, Alice works at the district level with women’s groups and local leaders to draft bylaws that protect women’s right to own land. She is also creating a grassroots framework of activists including women, local leaders, and retired civil servants to actively facilitate the enforcement of these laws on behalf of poor and vulnerable women in their communities.

To expand her work, Alice has built a national organization that is connected to national and regional networks of human rights organizations, media practitioners, and law enforcement bodies. This enables her to spread the district level draft bylaws and the message about the rights of poor and rural small-scale farming women across a broader audience.
The Problem
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The Person

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