Aditya Natraj

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2010
Kaivalya Foundation


This profile was prepared when Aditya Natraj was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2010.
The New Idea
Aditya’s idea focuses on a deficient government school education system where over a 110 million school-age children are illiterate. He is using the lens of education leadership to focus on the school principal and their role which has thus been seen as an administrator—is revisited with the aim of changing attitudes and perspectives.

Aditya is introducing a philosophy by which the principal must return to the concept of teaching, must be a teacher to provide effective leadership to the teaching-learning process, and must bring empathy into his engagement with staff, students, and the larger community.

For sustained impact, Aditya is also looking at ways by which the existing education infrastructure must support the school principal. The increased engagement as an educator rather than a cog in the administration wheel, is returning the sense of dignity and respect the school principal has lost over time. The career graph of the school principal is getting revamped.

Aditya’s intervention works at the level of the larger ecosystem by engaging with the government administrative machinery at village, cluster, block, and district, as well as state and central levels. The aim is to nurture and create a buy-in of his idea by all stakeholders and so evolve a system-wide solution.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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