About Ashoka Nigeria

Ashoka Nigeria has elected more than 80 fellows, two Ashoka Support Network (ASN) members, and 12 Changemaker Schools since 1991. Our community of Changemaker partners continues to grow. We work with 55 youth organizations in Ghana and Nigeria as a part of our Youth Venture program.

Our responsive and supportive Ashoka fellows are always ready to lead the discussion and come up with an action plan on issues in the region. Locally, Mitsubishi Corporation is our partner for Ashoka’s Changemaker Schools network and Youth Venture strategy.

Our Ashoka Fellows work in areas that include youth employability, agriculture, information and communication technology (ICT), and human rights. We are a team who are co-creating with our ever-expanding community of changemaker partners in Anglophone West Africa.

Ashoka's office in Nigeria is the managing regional office for Ashoka in Ghana and Ashoka in Cameroon.

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Our Programs

Ashoka Fellows serve as powerful examples of the changemaking power inherent in every citizen of the world. They empower themselves to see and experience a world through creative solutions.

We have identified and elected 103 Fellows in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria

We aim to identify and elect 2 more Fellows in Anglophone West Africa in 2016

Changemaker Schools are schools that cultivate empathy, teamwork, leadership and changemaking skills in students. Our Changemaker Schools initiative identifies, celebrates and links schools that are redefining success beyond getting high marks on annual exams to enabling youth to find their power and purpose in their communities and beyond.​

Launched initiative in Africa in 2014.12 Changemaker Schools in Ghana and Nigeria​

We aim to identify and elect 10 more Changemaker Schools in Anglophone West Africa in 2016


Together, Youth Venturers around the world serve over 1 million people and are in a variety of focus areas—from peer mentorship programs, AIDS education programs, disaster relief groups, to composting clubs and more.​

Launched initiative in Africa in 2014. 55 Youth Serving Organizations in Ghana and Nigeria​​​

We aim to identify and bring on 10 more Youth Serving Organizations in Anglophone West Africa in 2016


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Venture and Fellowship Manager, Anglophone West Africa
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Finance Manager, Nigeria
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Intrapraneur, Venture and Administration
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