1996: Ashoka Founds the Field of Youth Changemaking with the Launch of Youth Venture

Ashoka is known best for founding the field of social entrepreneurship, but it also moved quickly to make sure that it became common place for young people to lead at a young age. To do this Bill Drayton started Youth Venture an organization/initiative that supports youth to take action and solve the problems they encounter around them. Today, Youth Venture has worked in 32 countries supporting over one-half million youth to self-actualize as changemakers through launching and leading their own social ventures.


YV Brazil
YV recycle
YV Chain Reaction

What We Do

  • Tools and Resources: Offer tools and resources to youth to launch and lead their own social change ventures.
  • Online Changemaker Challenge: Run online challenges to support new and pre-existing ideas for social change as well as form online communities of support and information sharing.
  • Replication: We work with hundreds of institutions around the world to integrate changemaking into their culture, thus allowing employees, educators, and youth to exercise their power to create change day to day.

For more information on the above please email: Rachel Centariczk [email protected].