Our Vision

The initiative will reach young people from low-income and historically excluded communities and build on their unique perspectives and lived experiences to solve the problems they care about, equipping educators and the adults in their lives with the mindset and tools to support them as powerful changemakers. At this time of tremendous change and opportunity, this effort will catalyze a movement to make changemaking the norm for all young people. 

The Objectives

We will cultivate a generation of educators and young people who will be equipped to take action, realize their visions, and make sustainable change in communities across the US and in countries around the world. 


Introduce the Power of Changemaking

Shift mindsets and engage educators and young people in the importance of changemaking as a path to equity. 


Equip and Empower Changemakers

Equip educators to empower and inspire young people to spark their inner changemakers and tackle issues in their lives and communities. 


Catalyze a Movement

 Build a sustainable and collaborative ecosystem for changemaking among young people and their educators. 

Inspiring Young Changemakers

The rapid rate of change in the world demands that all of us — educators, students, and members of our school communities — have the ability to adapt to and drive change for the good of all. Developing these abilities takes practice. Giving your students the inspiration, tools, and supportive environment to begin to test their ability to create change will help them exercise this changemaking muscle, putting them on a path to thrive in the face of future obstacles and challenges. This video series provides real-life, relatable stories to inspire your students on their changemaking journeys. These stories come from communities that reflect the diversity and economic and social challenges experienced by educators and students across the country.

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

This partnership will also enable Ashoka to search and select new social entrepreneurs changing the way all young people grow, lead, and make change for a brighter, more equitable future. These entrepreneurs will be invited into Ashoka’s Fellowship program, where, among other benefits, they will gain access to our global network of over 3,600 social innovators and will receive a stipend, mentorship, scaling support, and a greater platform to share and scale their vision for change.

Ashoka knows that all young people can see a need, have a dream, build a team, and change their world...In a world now defined by change, not repetition, ethics requires that everyone have this, life-giving power to give, i.e., to be a changemaker.
Bill Drayton
Founder and CEO, Ashoka
Bill Drayton

About First Book

Founded in Washington, D.C., in 1992 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit social enterprise, First Book believes education offers children in need the best path out of poverty. First Book breaks down barriers to quality education by providing its Network of more than 525,000 registered teachers, librarians, after school program leaders, and others serving children in need with millions of free and affordable new, high-quality books, educational resources, and basic needs items through the award-winning First Book Marketplace nonprofit eCommerce site.

First Book also expands the breadth and depth of the education field through a family of social enterprises, including First Book Research & Insights, its proprietary research initiative, and the First Book Accelerator, which brings best-in-class research-based strategies to the classroom via relevant, usable educator resources. First Book Impact Funds target support to areas of need, such as rural communities or increasing diversity in children’s books. — www.firstbook.org

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About Audemars Piguet

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