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Young people leading

This article originally appeared on Faith and Leadership

“In 2011, Herron had been using Roblox for about six months when he realized that something was missing. The millions of games on Roblox featured a variety of “spaces,” from role-playing coffee shops to restaurants, castles, combat-type games and more, but he found few connected in any way to Christianity. 

Soon, Herron was serving as pastor to a congregation of young people just like him, scattered across every state and inhabited continent. In addition to the group on Roblox, Daniel also created a TRC website and Facebook page.” 

“When a young person takes this kind of initiative, we should come alongside them to nurture them, raise them up and even support their potential for ministry leadership.” 


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Ashoka insight

Daniel is a great example of a teenager who sees faith (in this example, Christianity) as a powerful common foundation to bring his friends from around the world together, online. Because young people haven't assimilated the “box” yet, they can think outside of it. Supporting and nourishing their ideas is key to finding creative solutions to the problems of tomorrow and enabling them to take the reins of their future. In addition, youth have access to platforms where they are also looking for meaning and belonging. Listening to them allows for innovation to address new ways of being and communicating.  

What spiritual communities do you find online? How do they improve your changemaking, your spiritual experience?  

How would your worship space be different if it were designed for kids, by kids? How could that provide value to bring us closer?