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Yeshimabeit Milner
Source: Data 4 Black Lives

Why We Need Data For Black Lives

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Algorithms may be hidden from most of us but they’re shaping many aspects of our lives. Who’s creating them, and what background and biases do they bring? Entrepreneur and data scientist Yeshimabeit Milner is sparking a movement of technologists, mathematicians, and community changemakers who want to use data to create a more equitable world. Ashoka’s Lorena García Durán spoke with her about why she started Data 4 Black Lives and what the big opportunities are.

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Ashoka insight

People in business are starting to see the ways data is absolutely transforming their work and future. They’re seeing that it’s not good for the bottom line when you have an algorithm that discriminates against people - you might be sued for it, or it just erodes business integrity. They are also hearing from consumers about many issues that have to do with data who are saying, "This is what needs to change. We want to be able to take pictures and post them online. We want our packages to be delivered quickly, but not at the expense of our privacy or the planet."

Many business schools are totally changing their curriculum and bringing folks like me to speak, not because I'm going to say, "Hey, this is the threat," but, "Here are all these examples that we're seeing in our movement of how folks are using data positively."