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Albert Fox Cahn
Source: Ashoka

Why We Must Update the Law for the Digital Age

This article originally appeared on Forbes

As part of Ashoka's ongoing series on Tech and Humanity, Ashoka spoke with Albert Fox Cahn, founder and Executive Director of Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP) about his work and recent legal wins at the intersection of civil rights, privacy, and technology.

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Ashoka insight

Frischen: The underlying argument you’re making here is that our legal system has not kept up with the pace of change in technology, and we need to update our social contract for the digital age. To help us update the social contract for the digital age, you’re betting on litigation and legislation, and you drive both together with the communities most affected.

Chan: We have leading public intellectuals, academics, grassroots community organizers and activists who are setting our priorities as an organization, and doing the work of choosing what we focus on, making sure that we remain accountable to those who have been most oversurveilled for so long.