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When the rules of the game lead to climate change, change the rules

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With COP26 just around the corner, we’re seeing a huge number of companies committing to reducing their carbon emissions to ‘net zero.’ This is encouraging and relatively new territory without many blueprints to follow. Yet, there are still few incentives or enforcement mechanisms to keep well-intentioned companies on track and bring others on board.

We sat down with Ashoka Fellow James Thornton, founder of ClientEarth, to understand how a coalition of lawyers from across the world is using the power of the law to change the rules of finance and rebalance our relationship with the planet. You can watch the full conversation here

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Looking across the work of countless social entrepreneurs working on Planet & Climate, we’ve noticed an encouraging pattern. Social entrepreneurs are creating showing us that everyone has a role to play and creating pathways for us all to step into our changemaking power. James and the team at ClientEarth are doing just that with lawyers. “Everyone can use their technical skills to do something about this,” he said.