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Gbenga Sesan
Source: Ashoka

When Police Brutality And Digital Rights Collide – Lessons From Nigeria

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Gbenga Sesan, founder of Paradigm Initiative, warns there's an upsurge of online censorship and digital clampdowns, following the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria

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Ashoka insight

It is a historical moment. I was on a call two days ago with a young person who was part of the feminist coalition that raised money to support the protests. She said, “I have never been part of a protest in my life. I am not a professional protester. But when issues touched me, I had to get on the streets and support it.” And that's the whole essence of everyone being an activist, everyone being a Changemaker. Two or three days before the protests started again this time, I tweeted to say that when Nigerians are ready to protest, they're not going to be asking the question, “Who is going to lead us?” People will just find themselves on the streets. This is a moment where we are seeing everybody look for where they can add value. They jump in and get the work done.