Unlocking Potential: Guzmán's Changemaker Journey

Through storytelling, Guzmán aspires to provide other young people in Spain the space and validation they demand to uncover their unique power.
Guzman Spain
Source: Guzman

Changemaker Conversation

In this Changemaker Conversation, Asia Rinehart, LeadYoung Intern, talks with Guzman Fernandez about his changemaker journey, challenges along the way, and aspirations for building an Everyone a Changemaker world. Listen in to this conversation below!  

More about Guzman:

Growing up in Spain, Guzmán Fernandez was raised in a stable household that encouraged exploration and self-expression. He also attended a high school focused on helping students develop their own social projects and think innovatively. Guzmán was interested in starting his own venture but did not know where to start.  

At 16 years old, Guzmán started working, and his supervisor trusted Guzman to lead, encouraging him to share his ideas and opinions, even to people much older than him. The confidence his boss cultivated in him was a turning moment in his life. After practicing how to use his voice, Guzmán was set on embracing his privilege and power for social good. And, after having such a positive mentoring experience, Guzmán empathized with a demand by young people for more opportunities to be share and be validated for their ideas.  

With a group of 20 plus peers, Guzmán launched a magazine at his high school called Opinion20. Guzmán's main goal for the magazine was to promote collaboration and the formation of community among readers. After graduating, he continued the magazine, which evolved into a digital media platform where thousands of young people can write about any topic and share their ideas. This digital community offers young creatives the space to embrace their power and voice, regardless of their age. 

Since launching the site three years ago, Opinion20 reaches over 90,000 readers. Through storytelling, Guzmán believes that being exposed to diverse groups of people and ideas is crucial for creating solutions for the good of all. 

This story was produced by Asia Rinehart and edited for clarity.