Unleashing the Future at Ashoka Africa’s Young Changemakers Festival in Lagos


Ashoka Africa Young Changemakers Festival

Lagos, Nigeria – May 30, 2024 – Ashoka, the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs, proudly announces a pivotal moment for the “Everyone A Changemaker” movement in Nigeria. The third cohort of Ashoka Young Changemakers (AYC) and the grand celebration of the transformative learning-teaching solution that mobilizes educators, students, and communities in the education ecosystems—the Changemaker Teachers Activation Program (CTEACH). 

The festival, held in Lagos, brought together 300 participants, including students and educators from Lagos State, young changemakers, social entrepreneurs, and partners. The highlight was the culmination of the CTEACH program, an innovative initiative designed as a “learning journey” for secondary school teachers in Lagos State. Additionally, the event introduced nine remarkable Ashoka Young Changemakers recognized for their exceptional leadership and groundbreaking solutions to Nigeria’s pressing social issues including challenges in mental health, education, environmental sustainability, and gender equality. 

Meet the 2024 Ashoka Young Changemakers: Favour Effiom (19) - Founder of We Are Reality Foundation, Precious Damian (17) - Founder of The Rabah Initiative, Flourish Alonge (17) - Founder of Global Insight MHI (Mental Health Initiative), Eunice Omojola (20) - Founder of TechinEdu, Naomi Bamgbose (18) - Founder of Girls Techie, Ashraf Maisikeli (18) - Founder of Inspire Change Foundation, Peter Adebowale (19) - Founder of ESD For Communities, Dawn Cobham (17) - Founder of Go Learners, and Saviour Iwezue (19) - Founder of Team Illuminate. 

These young visionaries exemplify the power of youth-driven change, addressing critical issues through their innovative solutions and leadership. 

The AYC program curates a network of young leaders under 21 who exemplify inspirational leadership within their communities. These changemakers innovate, lead teams, and assume roles as youth influencers and peer allies. The program connects them with essential tools, opportunities, and supportive networks to amplify their impact. 

“The election process for the Ashoka Young Changemakers program was very thorough and helped me refine my ideas. During the process, I was asked several critical questions that made me sit back, rethink, and find answers. As a result, I've become more confident in my changemaking abilities!” Saviour Iwueze, Ashoka Young Changemaker 

CTEACH empowers educators in Lagos State to instill changemaking skills in their students. Launched in September 2023, CTEACH aims to revolutionize education in Nigeria, equipping millions of students with 21st-century skills. This comprehensive program fosters empathy and practical changemaking abilities, benefiting teachers, students, families, and the broader community. 

The festival offered a unique platform for engagement among schools, teachers, young changemakers, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and community stakeholders. Distinguished partners such as First Book, Teach for All, Audemars Piguet, Lagos State Ministry of Education, and United Way for Greater Nigeria participated, facilitating connections and celebrating the changemaking journeys of young leaders. 


Join us in celebrating these exceptional young leaders and exploring how we can collectively support the next generation of changemakers.