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Unbundling systems to find new ways of spiritual support

This article originally appeared on Springtide Research Institute 

“Our data are clear: young people are not turning to religious leaders, communities, practices, or beliefs in times of uncertainty or difficulty, though the majority of young people nonetheless identify as religious or spiritual. In other words, young people who identify as “religious” don’t necessarily participate in religion in the traditional sense. The majority are not accepting the whole “bundle” of rituals, practices, and beliefs that religious institutions offer.” 

“Faith, or ‘being religious,’ among the youngest generations is more ‘unbundled’ and worth a close look, especially because our data show that young people who identify as ‘religious’ also report that in almost every facet of their lives they are flourishing more than young people who identify as ‘not religious.’” 

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Unbundling systems means deconstructing preconceived notions, practices and hierarchies in order to find better spiritual designs for everyone. Springtide Research Institute's data provides insight into the impact of spirituality and faith in Gen Z's wellbeing and thriving. Including young voices and understanding the generational changes in practices and beliefs are necessary things to build innovative responses and opportunities for people (of all ages) to be spiritual, together. 

What are young people around me telling me about their ways of being spiritual? How can I best listen and attune to that?  

What have you personally unbundled to best feed your spiritual journey?