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A Special Power for Good Tech

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Everything is changing faster and faster. Everything is connected. The almost opposite, familiar world of repetition is in an exponential death dive. These are the facts, our only reality. To succeed, we must get the thought framing technologies right.

Technology now provides our species much of its nervous system and is taking on key roles of the brain. Our future depends very significantly on our making it brilliantly efficient -- and more important, brilliantly truthful, ethical, and values-supporting. 

Not surprisingly, more and more of the world's top social entrepreneurs are focusing here. The most important work focuses on helping humankind develop the best decision-making frameworks and systems and the Good Tech they require.

This paper introduces a few Ashoka Fellows who are helping build Good Tech. It represents a wave of social entrepreneurship led by Ashoka Fellows taking on structural issues in artificial intelligence and the web.

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