Paving the way for young Nigerians looking to create a brighter, more sustainable future - Abeedah's Changemaker Journey

Abeedah Alabi is a young changemaker from Aparadija in Ogun State, Nigeria. A youth empowerment and climate change literacy advocate, the pioneering 19-year-old is fast-becoming one of the leading proponents of climate action in Nigeria, with her influential initiative, Project Climeset, helping to raise climate change awareness. 

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Changemaker Journey  

Abeedah's changemaking journey has largely been driven by her personal experiences, with the challenges she contended with as a child having an indelible impact on her sustainable outlook and activist mindset.   

Her secondary school years were marked by devastating natural disasters, following the overflow of a local river. This led to her community being submerged after severe flooding — flooding that wreaked havoc on the roads leading to neighbouring towns.   

Unable to commute to school, the wide-reaching effects of the natural hazard prompted Abeedah to learn more about the environmental issues plaguing her community. It inspired her to take action and launch her initiative, Project Climeset.   

Project Climeset  

Coming to the conclusion that many young Nigerians, like her, are eager to advance sustainable change and safeguard their communities, Abeedah set about providing solutions to improve climate change literacy through her grassroots organization, Project Climeset.  

The initiative is focused on promoting sustainable practices and moulding the next generation of eco-conscious leaders. It aims to cultivate an enabling environment in which young changemakers are inspired to adopt healthier and more environmentally-friendly lifestyles, utilizing innovative strategies encompassing school outreaches, storytelling, grassroots campaigns, and sustainable tech bootcamps. 

Since its establishment, the organization has partnered with leading entities, such as ISEC Nigeria, to combat climate change and scale its impact across the country. Looking to the future, Project Climeset has outlined plans to launch even more strategic partnerships.   

The organization is also in the process of publishing an engaging collection of graphic novels and comic books that tell both fictional and non-fictional stories about young heroes dedicated to protecting the environment. 

Effective leadership and communication skills — as well as teamwork and collaboration — are vital to successful changemaking.” - Abeedah Alabi  

Everyone a Changemaker World    

At a time when people and communities across the world are facing new and unprecedented challenges, Abeedah has issued a call-to-action, urging her compatriots to play their part in effecting change.   

“It is important for everyone to be a changemaker,” she says, “because the problems we face will not solve themselves. We cannot simply rely on the generosity or altruism of others; we need to understand that we, as Nigerians and Africans, have the power to solve the issues we face.”  


My advice to budding changemakers is to start where you are, with the resources at your disposal.” - Abeedah Alabi