Meet the Change: Convening the E2 Network in Boston

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Friday, March 31st marked the Ashoka Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur (E2) Network's first official, in-person convening. Called Meet the Change: Boston Edition, the event brought together our three newest E2 Members, several Ashoka Fellows, as well as other changemakers from Ashoka's network.

Below is a short recap and visual impression of Meet the Change: Boston Edition — further reflections will be shared shortly on Ashoka's Medium channel and YouTube channel.

Bringing Together Business and Social Entrepreneurs

The E2 Network's mission is to combine the power of business and social entrepreneurs, each committed to the good of all. Leveraging each of their unique skills, insights, and resources, we can jointly come to novel solutions for some of the world's most pressing issues. Through events like Meet the Change, we sow the seeds for this type of collaboration.

Generously hosted by The Legatum Center at MIT and its executive director Dina Sherif — a former Ashokan — Meet the Change convened for the first time our three new E2 Members: James Rhee, Chinedu Echeruo, and Bob Chapman

Other distinguished guests included Ashoka Fellows Sasha Chanoff and Rosanne Haggerty, entrepreneur and longtime Ashoka supporter Philippe Villers, social entrepreneur and former Ashokan Fernande Raine, as well as several Ashoka team members.

A Day of Learning

More than anything, Meet the Change presented its participants with a tremendous opportunity for learning and inspiration. E2 Members gained first-hand impressions of the systems-changing work done by Ashoka Fellows, such as Rosanne Haggerty's efforts to eradicate homelessness in the U.S.

Conversely, our E2 Members were able to contribute their own unique perspectives and backgrounds to the work of our Fellows, particularly through a problem-solving challenge presented by Sasha Chanoff, around the issue of supporting unaccompanied refugee children. 

In addition, E2 Members were able to meet and learn from each other, and the Ashoka team had the opportunity to learn more from the E2 Members about how they look at their collaboration and engagement with Ashoka.

Meet the Change: The Start of (Much) More to Come

As the Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur team, we are very excited to have shared this event with each other, and observing the collaborations that were beginning to form. We are very much looking forward to continuing the connections that have been forged, as well as continuing to create future opportunities for engagement between our E2 Members, Ashoka Fellows, and other changemakers in Ashoka's network.

To learn more about the E2 Network and what membership looks like, please visit or contact Njideka Harry.

Visual Impression of Meet the Change: Boston Edition

Group photo
From left to right: Njideka Harry (Ashoka), Priyanka Jaisinghani (Ashoka), Dina Sherif (The Legatum Center at MIT), Alessandro Valera (Ashoka), Sasha Chanoff (RefugePoint), Konstanze Frischen (Ashoka), Chinedu Echeruo (Beloved Ecosystem), Philippe Villers (GrainPro Inc.), Bob Chapman (Barry-Wehmiller), Heather MacCleoud (Ashoka), Menno Moffitt (Ashoka), James Rhee (red helicopter), Matthew Heimer (Fortune), Fernande Raine (The History Co:Lab), Stephen Pasinski (Ashoka), Taylor Smith (RefugePoint)
Njideka Harry presenting in front of a screen
Njideka Harry delivering the opening address
People sitting at a meeting table
E2 Member Chinedu Echeruo making a passionate argument
Sasha Chanoff presenting in front of a screen
Ashoka Fellow Sasha Chanoff sharing his organization RefugePoint's work
People sitting at a meeting table, listening and taking notes
E2 Member Bob Chapman taking notes
Three women at a table
Ashoka Fellow Rosanne Haggerty discussing her work on resolving homelessness in the U.S.
People sitting at a meeting table
E2 Member James Rhee sharing his thoughts
People sitting at a meeting table, man speaking
Philippe Villers recalling his experiences of meeting Ashoka Fellows around the world
Lapel pin on tabel
Three men and a woman standing next to each other
E2 Members James Rhee, Bob Chapman, and Chinedu Echeruo, alongside Njideka Harry
Images by Colleen Gordon via CK Media.