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Kinari Webb.
Source: Ashoka

Lessons From The Rainforest: Human Health Leads To Planetary Health

This article originally appeared on Forbes

The Covid pandemic is making it impossible for us to ignore the link between health and environmental degradation. Ashoka Fellow Dr. Kinari Webb, founder of Health in Harmony, has been working at that intersection for decades. We sat down with her as part of our series on the future of Planet & Climate.

Kinari Webb

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2013

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Radical listening is the most important principle behind our work, which so few organizations follow. It is listening to the community with love and total respect. It's like reciprocity. It's this idea that they are the experts. They know exactly what the solutions are, and they are the guardians of these precious resources that are valuable to the whole world.

I've been systematizing this process of radical listening, which is not that difficult but it is based on some principles which many people do find difficult to really internalize. We're all racist and we're all colonized. It takes a huge amount of work for us to undo that and teach ourselves a different way.