Landmine Law in Israel--Celebrating Progress

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Source: Ashoka

The email below was recently sent to us by Ashoka Fellow Jerry White in celebration of landmark landmine legislation that was just passed in Israel. Jerry, like many of his Ashoka Fellow colleagues around the world, is actively changing policy through his tireless work, and we celebrate with him in this exciting moment. Enjoy.


From: Gerard White
Subject: Landmine Law in Israel--Celebrating Progress--Jerry White

Some great news for a change! 

Last night, at the Knesset in Israel, we passed historic landmine legislation. 

27 years after my own ordeal, I feel a palpable sense of pride and relief.

I wish you could have been there with me to witness the smile of 12-year old survivor Daniel Yuval (and his mother and siblings), and to see how every politician in the room, regardless of faction, rushed to vote in unison and unanimity (this never happens!).  Even Prime Minister Netanyahu saluted our Mine-Free Campaign, making sure it got priority billing and annual funding.

Scan below and attached for a sampling of media, including my op-ed in Jerusalem Post.

With gratitude, now back in Malta,

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