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Eboo Patel
Source: Intefraith America- Eboo Patel

Interfaith America is building bridges of cooperation

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“We need to learn how to build a social order that welcomes people from a range of identities and builds bridges of cooperation between and among us. I think that is done through a positive narrative that animates people to build concrete institutions to an inspiring ideal.” 

“A diverse democracy should invite the best of people's diverse identities, their best dishes, to a common table. In other words, a potluck. This is the only way our whole nation feasts. And the wonderful thing about it is that people are invited to participate, and their identities are viewed as assets. Bring that dish that your grandmother taught you to make. Bring the best of your identity, and the best of your identity is going to enrich us all.” 

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Ashoka Fellow Eboo Patel is the founder of Interfaith America (previously known as Interfaith Youth Core) and is working to create a truly multicultural approach to the understanding of faith in the United States. His work is grounded on the belief that “everyone is powerful” and everyone can contribute to building better societies by aligning inner values with outer actions. He challenges the preconceived idea of a “melting pot” with the proposal of a “potluck” where each dish, with its unique flavors and spices, can be celebrated and included.