Improving Access to Maternal and Newborn Care in India's Slums

Armida Fernandez
Source: Ashoka

"We were the catalysts between the systems and the communities to bring them together … and therefore we could save more lives of women and children" - Dr. Armida Fernandez, Ashoka Fellow and SNEHA Founder.

Dr. Fernandez decided to leave her hospital role as Head of Neonatology in order to directly serve vulnerable women in urban slums across Maharashtra.  Her organization, SNEHA (Society for Nutrition Education and Health) provides services for women throughout their entire lifecycle and helps them become empowered and demand the care they need.  It also liaises with healthcare corporations and providers to allow them to realize what they can gain from providing care in these underserved areas.

Hear about the journey in Dr. Fernandez’s and Vanessa D’Souza’s own words: 

This video is the first in the Accelerating Healthcare Access movement’s series “AHA! Moments”, highlighting the innovative solutions of these exceptional social entrepreneurs.  Keep an eye out for more in the coming months!