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How Purpose and Holistic Health are Foundational for Youth Career Development

This article originally appeared on World Policy Institute

When Esther Eshiet graduated from the University of Calabar in Nigeria, she noticed a worrying trend. One of her friends had to take the first administrative job she could find in order to support herself and her family instead of taking the time to explore a career that aligned with what she had studied in school.

Eshiet also noticed that most of her classmates were struggling to find employment because they were not able to identify their own career goals. She was concerned that the education system failed to prepare these young people to choose careers.

“The current approach,” she observed, “is you go to school, you take your classes, you read up, and you write your exams. You’re basically preparing for an exam.”

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Ashoka insight

Social innovators such as Eshiet and Parker are seeking to close the gap in post-education unemployment by providing young people with two aspects of education that are promoted as must-haves, instead of as “nice-to haves:”

  • Guide the Discovery of Personal Purpose
  • Support of Holistic Health Needs