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How parents are protecting Black genius

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How can we help all teachers unlock the gifts, talents, and prior knowledge of Black learners? How can parents protect the Black genius of their kids — and transform the U.S. education system in the process?

Few groups are thinking more deeply and creatively about this than Village of Wisdom, a community of parents, educators, and changemakers in Durham, North Carolina. As Village of Wisdom gears up to launch a new project — a clearinghouse for culturally-affirming instructional materials that are validated by Black parents — we tapped the core team for insights. Watch the full conversation in our Welcome Change series! Here are a few highlights:

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Ashoka insight

What makes educators and learning environments effective? Will shares three things: tap students’ intrinsic motivation; make sure students can see themselves in what they are learning (i.e., lift up the contributions of Black greats like Ella Baker, Fred Hampton, Bayard Rustin, Fannie Lou Hammer), and create learning environments that children can trust, where they can love and create.