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Nature based education with youth in a forest
Source: OpEPA

How does nature-based education change the way we live?

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Our ability to thrive as humans depends on understanding who we are: We are not separate from or superior to nature—we are in fact nature. But it’s not always obvious how that translates into our lives.

For Ashoka Fellow Luis Camargo, founder of Bogota-based OpEPA, it starts with changing the way we grow up. Since 1998, he has been re-connecting hundreds of thousands of young people to nature and building a culture of regeneration across the Americas. Ashoka’s Corina Murafa sat down with him to learn more.

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Ashoka insight

"Most of our planetary problems stem from dysfunctional relationships — with ourselves, with others, and with nature. Our education systems have forgotten about nature. They are still very egocentric and anthropocentric. Fixing our relationship to nature is a pathway for harmonizing our other relationships. Learning experiences in nature have great potential to transform children. To activate this potential, learning can’t just be academic, it also has to be experiential and emotional. Doing that in nature, with its capacity to create magic, we can open the doors for a deeper understanding of relationships in general."