How Changemakers use STEM skills

Inspiring social change ventures that leverage science, technology, engineering and math
Two teens work together on a robotics project in science class
Source: Rachel Fauber

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) are an important skillset for changemakers who work to tackle our planet's most pressing environmental challenges. You may be surprised by how many different ways innovators use STEM skills in their ventures to create positive social impact.

Here are real-life examples that may allow you to explore how STEM is used in your project or venture:

  • Starting a student group dedicated to monitoring the quality of our local watershed.
  • Creating free seed packets, events, and gardens to restore the community's native ecosystems and save species like the monarch butterfly.
  • Releasing a video game in which students learn about climate issues and sustainability and how they can make an impact.
  • Creating a low-cost flood warning system using sensors, IoT devices, the cloud, and mobile technologies providing real-time flood warnings to the local community and Emergency Operations Centers.
  • Working with schools to build curricula that teaches students about sustainability.


From technology, to environmental studies, if you're leveraging STEM skills in any way to protect our planet, we want you to apply to the Our Planet, Our Purpose: STEM for Changemaking Challenge. Enter now! Applications close on February 11th.