From Head Boy to Social Entrepreneur: Uche's Changemaker Journey

Uche discovered his love for innovation and entrepreneurship at a young age, which prepared him to transform infant and maternal health practices across Nigeria.

Uche Kenneth Udekwe is an emerging leader in Nigeria, on a mission to reduce maternal and natal morality rates. He is a changemaker, social entrepreneur, an sustainable development goals advocate, and the Founder/CEO of NATAL CARES. By developing localized technological solutions, Uche and his team are designing public health infrastructure and best practices for maternal and infant care across the country.

In conversation with Ashoka during the 2020 Impact!Africa Summit, Uche's discussed his leadership in the public health sector, his passion for maternal and infant care, the spark to his changemaker journey, and advice he would give to other aspiring changemakers.

Read more about Uche and his organization, NATAL CARES, here.