Fryshusets Grundskola

fryshuset bild
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School Type: Private (no tuition fee), Middle and High School

Age group: 13-15

Number of students: 220

Year Elected: 2015

Fryshuset primary school is a unique school that combines the students “passions” (basketball, dance, music, skate, soccer, etc.) with academic education. Through practicing their passion, the students feel more motivated and push themselves to excel in the academic field, while developing their social skills and sense of being active members in society.  Fryshuset is seen as a hub for young changemaking in Scandinavia with the vision: “We enable young people to change the world through their passions.” All teachers and staff must sign off to this before they start working at Fryshuset, and are expected to live these values and act accordingly. Fryshuset is not only a school; it is often referred to as the largest youth center in Scandinavia. Above all it is a vision based on the conviction that encouragement, confidence, responsibility and understanding are necessary in order to enable young people to develop their innate abilities and find their way into society.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • All classes in Fryshuset are connected to a passion area – for example: soccer, skateboarding, arts, dance or basketball, which each student practices several hours per week. 
  • The school is only closed one day per year (Christmas Eve) and is otherwise open day and night for young people and students that want a place to hang out, practice their sport or meet a role model or parent for guidance and advice. 
  • Anti-gang culture organisation: with ex-cons that help youth at risk involved in gangs to leave that structure.