Dutch Social Health Landscape Innovation Report

Source: DutchHealt1

Following up on the Social Impact Mapping Project  where Ashoka NL, in collaboration with PwC, provided an overview of the different innovators in the fields of Health Care, Circular Economy and Refugees in the Netherlands by visualising a part of the ecosystem a map through snowball sampling research. These areas are developing quite rapidly and in our opinion, are worth focusing on. Therefore, it could be very beneficial and informative to know who were behind these innovations and how this network is connected.

To focus on the Dutch Health Care ecosystem we developed an article, where the main findings of the study are collected that portrays how healthcare innovators are transforming the Dutch healthcare system and are contributing to building a changemaker world. At present, what we have is an illness care system, based in hospitals and clinics, that is too expensive, ill-suited for the dominant public health problem of managing chronic diseases, ineffective at prevention and behavioural change, and largely inaccessible to many low-income and rural populations. Therefore we need an integral approach to create a necessary mindshift. The required transformation of mindset is going from illness care to vitalness—

“enabling individuals not only to remain healthy but to live and act at the peak of their capabilities. The focus of vitalness is on enabling and empowering individuals to become changemakers in their own lives (…)”

Exploring the health innovation landscape in The Netherlands has lead us to a wide variety of innovation emerging in the country in delivering healthcare including new behavioural models, technological innovations and novel systems of service delivery. Health innovations in the Netherlands are attempting to offer solutions to these challenges, moving towards the Vitalness framework.

We hope to have awakened your curiosity, we are very proud to share with you! 

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