Cristiana Oprea

Cristina Oprea
Source: Ovidiu Condurache

Cristiana Oprea is a rally driver, founder of the platform “Femei în  Motorsport" (FIM), Motorsport PR, and blogger at Cristiana Oprea

"Through my work as a rally driver, I want to inspire people to have the courage to follow their dreams. Being one of the few women rally drivers in Romania, I wanted to change the stereotype regarding women drivers in society, through the authentic, assumed, and humorous stories I write on my blog and social media."

Addressed issues: bringing the youth closer to motorsport, the lack of driving education, changing the stereotype regarding women drivers, strengthening relationships between the people in sports and sponsors, and promoting healthy mentors for the youth.

Main challenges in her work:  Financial challenges - access to funding; logistics challenges; human resources related challenges; cultural challenges  – "a lot of women rally drivers don`t want to be on the platform because they don`t want to be promoted."

In March 2019 she founded Femei în Motorsport, a platform made to promote all women involved in motorsport and motorcycling in Romania. The project is part of a broader movement – Women in Motorsport by FIA, and it aspires to create better representation for women in sports and a proper promotion for them.

The FIM platform has a clear mission, divided into six branches: creating a database with all the Romanian women involved in motorsport, promoting them, and building a healthy relationship with the media through facilitating the connection between athletes and sponsors. Promoting relevant models for the younger generation is also another goal of the FIM platform.