Connecting disadvantaged young people with life-changing opportunities - Magnus's Changemaker Journey

Magnus Imam is an enterprising 19-year-old changemaker from Cross River State, Nigeria, committed to transforming the lives of young people across the country by empowering them to overcome the hurdles lining their roads to success. Through ZeroUp Initiative, he is going above and beyond to ensure gifted young girls and boys are equipped with the tools to build a brighter future — for themselves and their communities. 

Ashoka Young Changemaker in Nigeria



Changemaker Journey 

Magnus' story is a testament to the power of resilience, particularly in the face of tragedy and heart-rending personal loss. Following the passing of his father, Magnus had to contend with a number of significant challenges — all while reckoning with the traumatic experience of losing a parental figure at such a formative age.  

Though driven by his ambitions, Magnus struggled to map out a route to success, with various socio-economic barriers leaving him with little to no access to the vital information and resources needed to fulfil his potential.  

Seeing so many classmates and young people beset by similar issues, Magnus was inspired to take the first steps on his changemaker journey; leading to the launch of ZeroUp Initiative.    


Different people in different communities have different dreams and aspirations. However, they are often prevented from pursuing their ambitions due to their inability to access the right resources such as access to the right information, mentorship, and guidance. Our goal at ZeroUp Initiative is to address this problem.” - Magnus Imam


ZeroUp Initiative 

An innovative growth development organization, ZeroUp Initiative was set up to help people achieve their personal and professional goals by connecting them with life-changing and career-defining opportunities. Providing all-important stepping stones to success, the organization bridges the information and opportunity gap; enabling young people to gain more seamless access to the insights and skills needed to make their dreams a reality.  

Since its inception, ZeroUp Initiative has empowered students in communities all over Nigeria to attain lasting success and become changemakers in their own right. To date, the organization has impacted over 400 students in Nigeria, and — with the support of its network of partners — more than 500 youths across the continent.  

ZeroUp Initiative inspires growth and change, motivating young Africans to rise above their challenges, discover themselves, find a greater sense of purpose, and effect positive change in society.       

An Everyone a Changemaker World   

Having taken the mantle as a changemaker himself, Magnus believes, wholeheartedly, that everyone has a role to play in creating a better world. “Anyone can advocate for change,” he says, reflecting on his journey. “At ZeroUp Initiative, we aim to engage people around the country — whether working as professionals, including doctors and lawyers, or as business owners — to share their skills and insights to help solve pressing and persistent problems.” 


“I want to make sure that every single person — no matter what their passion or what they do for a living — is inspired to take action as a changemaker.” - Magnus Imam