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Ashoka Changemaker Summit 2020
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From November 17th to 19th, 2020, the Ashoka Changemakers Summit is taking place virtually around the globe. Ashoka's Integrity Team is excited to participate by hosting a panel on Changemaker Lawyers on Wednesday at 2pm EST. Learn more about our talk and the panelists in our packet.

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The way in which work is carried out and how society engages in shifting. That has been a core component of Ashoka, and something which Ashoka seeks to address by supporting innovative social entrepreneurs. The legal field has begun to confront this paradigm shift, by increasing focus on entrepreneurial, problem-solving, and creative lawyering, which are necessary in the conceptual age.

Gerald Lopez, an attorney and professor, noted “Lawyering means problem-solving,” and an Ashoka Fellow has stated that lawyers are unique in their “ability to intervene in issues related to the ownership of resources and ideas and to do so by working across disciplines. [They] have the ability to imagine and ensure more equitable systems across society.”

Combining social entrepreneurship, legal practice, and activism, lawyers can assume a pluralist and tactical approach to problem-solving; one that leverages legal powers to achieve the goals of broader social movements.

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Upcoming: Join Ashoka North America in their Welcome Change series, a bi-weekly virtual conversation with Fellows about our changing world. On Dec. 2 @ 1pm EST, we are joined by Swapna Reddy, speaking on fixing the legal system for asylum seekers.