Changemaker Education - A conversation with Lord Jim Knight

Source: Canva

Ashoka UK & Ireland is partnering with the Edge Foundation to embed changemaking behaviours across the education system so that the young people of today are more equipped than ever to thrive in an ever-changing world. Lord Jim Knight, former UK Minister of State for Schools and Chief Education Adviser at Tes, sat down recently with young changemaker Aliyah York to make his case for reimagining teaching and learning. He says that because change is the only constant of the 21st century, education must be reimagined now so that learners spend less time preparing for standardised exams and more time developing the skills necessary to pivot to changing circumstances in an agile way.  

"We all need to reimagine education to drive change that creates a more dynamic system,"

he says. And this system must centre on learner agency, adaptability, and collaboration. Lord Knight also points out that schools need to prioritise opportunities for young people to practice how to learn so that they can re-skill themselves when situations warrant. That dynamism will honour the demands that today’s students will face in future.  

Lord Knight’s conversation with Ms. York may be viewed in full below. 












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