Ashoka's EACH Movement Expands in Brazil

Ashoka certifies 13 Your Kids facilitators driving changemaking for the good of all

Source: Ashoka Argentina


We are thrilled to share a remarkable milestone achieved over the past few weeks as we work towards building a world where everyone can be a changemaker.


13 Your Kids Facilitators Certified Across Brazil

Ashoka's Your Kids is a 90-minute workshop that creates the opportunity to convene with work colleagues, members of your community or employees to develop changemaker skills with the ones they love the most: their kids! Through this program, we aim to nurture empathetic leaders, innovative problem solvers, and strong team players.

Why is this important? Ashoka has recognized a strong desire among people within the EACH movement to step up and play a transformative role in our societies. We firmly believe that by scaling up the number of Your Kids sessions conducted each year, from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands, we can unleash a powerful wave of intergenerational changemaking. This wave will undoubtedly contribute to solving some of the world's most complex challenges.

Of course, expanding Your Kids sessions on such a scale requires a robust certification and recertification process. We are committed to providing adequate training, support, and career-pathing incentives to ensure the highest quality of facilitators. And guess what? These systems are already in motion, extending their reach from bustling São Paulo to the Amazon rainforest. Soon enough, they will be implemented wherever the EACH movement has taken root, including Nigeria and Indonesia.

Now, let's give a special shoutout to the incredible pioneer facilitators:


Aline Montenegro Laura Bruscagin
Carolina Leite Veríssimo Luciana Siqueira
Cynthia Camargo Luiza Cavalcanti
Elisa Lunardi Marcelo Borges
Erika Fernandes Marcirlanni Pontes
Jeferson Vasconcelos Mariana Nakajuni
Rosa Maria de Araújo Correa


They are currently in the "Apprentice" stage of their journey, the first of three stages. As they gain experience and demonstrate their exceptional quality, they will progress to the next level and ultimately reach the "Master" stage. With each step, their involvement in Your Kids settings will become increasingly impactful and influential. It fills us with immense pride and excitement to witness the positive changes that are happening, one facilitator at a time.