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Source: Ashoka

A Changemaker Map is a visualization of the changemaker network of a country. The aim of Ashoka by creating a Changemaker Map is to get an overview of changemakers in the whole country, generate important information on the different sectors, their networks and their linkages. It also helps to give our changemakers visibility through a sector-wise presentation and provides Changemakers a tool for their networking activities.


In Netherlands, Ashoka and PwC got together for a Social Impact Mapping Project, with an aim of getting an overview of the different innovators in the fields of Healthcare, Circular Economy and Refugees in the Netherlands by visualizing this in a map. Our IT partner, A10, also contributed by helping us with data and IT related activities.



Changemakers Map Netherlands


Our project had several beneficial outcomes, primarily of helping achieve a visualization of the  innovators across the Netherlands on the several domains and the further development of the research method. This can help Ashoka spot future fellowships and define influencers in the network of the Netherlands. Secondly, besides these main goals other additional outcomes were achieved. Such as a characteristic analysis of social innovators based on the data collected by this. These insights can be used for human resource purposes and support the solicitation procedure of Ashoka to find fellowships.