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Photo of a group of people in three levels and three rows: sitting, kneeling and standing. Photo shows the Ashoka Nigeria team as well as 6 Young Changemakers at a launch event for the EACH movement in Nigeria
Source: Ashoka Nigeria

Ashoka launches the “Everyone A Changemaker” Movement and the Ashoka Young Changemakers (AYC) Program in Nigeria

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"With a population of over 200 million people, 62 percent of whom are under the age of 21, Nigeria remains an important power on the African continent in inspiring the next generation of leaders and changemakers, who will in turn contribute to Africa’s development and create a better world for all.

Changemaking is the “new education”. It is the most essential skill for thriving in the world today. Education is no longer just about what students read in textbooks and get taught in school. It is also about the messages and impressions that children and young people are exposed to everyday on various platforms.

Ashoka, a global organization that supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, has officially launched the “Everyone A Changemaker” (EACH) Movement in Nigeria. The EACH movement will be implemented in six Metro areas in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, and Yola. A Changemaker City or Metro Area is a connected ecosystem of influential institutions, leaders, and actors in a region, who are collaborating and co-creating innovative strategies that foster and support the next generation of changemakers in their communities.

Ashoka has also started the selection panel for Ashoka Young Changemakers (AYC) in Nigeria. The AYC program is a carefully selected network of young people under the age of 21 who demonstrate inspirational leadership in their communities by creating innovative solutions, are leading a team to implement their changemaking ideas and are ready to take on the role as youth influencers, peer allies and co-leaders of the Everyone a Changemaker movement. The AYC program provides an enabling ecosystem for young changemakers to thrive by connecting them to changemaking tools, opportunities, and supportive networks."

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The Daily Post of Nigeria shared this same release as well on May 12, 2022.

Silverbird News 24 TV – a mass media company located in Lagos, Nigeria – covered Ashoka Nigeria's launch on May 12th during a segment of their 10 o'clock news hour.

View the TV segment here