Ashoka Fellows in Switzerland 2023

An Overview

Fellows in Switzerland

Ashoka Switzerland is proud to unveil the official 2023/24 brochure featuring 19 remarkable Fellows who are driving transformative initiatives in Switzerland across the following sectors:   

Civic Participation: Engaging Communities for Lasting Impact  

The Fellows in this category are dedicated to fostering a culture of civic participation, empowering individuals to actively engage in shaping their communities. Dan Acher (Happy City Lab) and Nicola Forster (Foraus) are the two Fellows in this category focusing on empowered citizenry and the involvement of young citizens in the political system.   

Education and Youth: Equipping the Next Generation for Success  

Education is the key to unlocking a better future. These Fellows are revolutionizing the education landscape, providing inclusive and accessible learning opportunities for young minds. Carsten Ruebsaamen (BookBridge), Markus Gander (Infoclick), Jerónimo Calenderio (Euforia), Christiane Daepp (IdeenBuero), and Eleonora Voltolina (La Repubblica Degli Stagisti) are the Fellows in this category ranging their activities from youth-led movements, through platform of youth participation activities, to educational gaps in rural areas.   

Health: Revolutionizing Healthcare for All  

In this category, Ashoka Switzerland celebrates Fellows who are transforming healthcare systems, making quality healthcare accessible to all. Caroline Kant (EspeRare) is accelerating the cost-effective development of unexplored therapeutic opportunities in rare diseases while As’Trame, founded by Marie-Dominique Genoud-Champeaux supports the mental health of children in families hurt by traumas.   

Human Rights: Champions of Equality and Justice  

These inspiring Fellows are at the forefront of advocating for human rights and social justice. Through their unwavering commitment, they are challenging systemic injustices and promoting equality for all, regardless of background or circumstance. Alain Werner (Civitas Maxima) accompanies Andras Vamos-Goldman (Justice Rapid Response) and Karen Tse (International Bridges to Justice) in this category.  

Inclusive Economies: Redefining Prosperity and Growth  

From 2008 to 2018, a decade of naming the 5 Fellows in this category. Transforming the Swiss welfare system like Christine Theodoloz-Walker (Intégration pour tous), improving the accessibility for hearing disabled and deaf citizens in the case of Michaela Nachtrab (VerbaVoice), the integration of the immigrant community in entrepreneurship at the European level as Sofia Appelgren is doing (Mitt Liv Ab), promoting inclusion in the economic and housing market as Jonas Staub has been pushing for (Blindspot), or introducing the concept of social integration enterprises – connecting vulnerable people more permanently to the workforce – like Christophe Dunand (Réalise). These are examples of the changemaking initiatives that Ashoka Fellows in Switzerland are pushing. 

Tech and Humanity: Harnessing Technology for Social Good  

The intersection of technology and humanity holds immense potential for creating positive change. Ashoka Switzerland celebrates Fellows who are utilizing technology as a tool to address social challenges, foster connectivity, and promote digital inclusion. Christian Grothoff (GNUnet e.V.) enables informational self-determination that provides new policy options regarding internet architectures while Sonja Betschard (WeRobotics), the most recent Fellow elected in 2022, drives empowerment of local community through increased drone usage for positive social impact.   

These 19 Fellows in our Swiss ecosystem present innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to inspire individuals and communities to engage in positive change. To learn more about each Fellow's impactful initiatives but also the new Ashoka Fellows’ organizations they are creating, look at the brochure.