The 7 key questions you should ask yourself as a social entrepreneur!

In a constantly fast-changing world, organizations focusing on social impact have no other choice than to re-invent themselves. In fact, as the demand for solutions toward reducing inequalities, diminishing poverty and fostering community spirit grows, the means at our disposal to address such issues decrease. Therefore, it is essential to think about new and innovative economic models. Social entrepreneurship presents an extraordinary opportunity to develop cost effectiveness and high impact as pillars for sustainable development. Such hybrid models combine philanthropy, subsidies, and incomegenerating activities to generate varying degree of income (depending on the maturity of the project, its sector of activity, etc.). New drivers of growth and development lie in new forms of “win-win-win” collaboration with other actors, such as the private sector or government. As a result, there are tremendous opportunities for organizations interested in new forms of entrepreneurship changing the world to reinvent themselves. But the right questions have to be asked at the right time… This guide, we hope, will allow you to answer a few of those questions. Happy reading and, above all, happy entrepreneurship! - Arnaud Mourot, Co-Director Ashoka Europe

You have decided to commit yourself to putting your talent and energy into a social entrepreneurial project; you are heading up your project, your activity is working but you are asking yourself: How can I develop without losing sight of my social mission? How to bring a response that meets the social challenge? How to ensure and increase my social impact? How to enlist other actors in society? Take some time now in order to save time later… The goal of this practical guide is to give you some keys that allow you to think differently about your project. It should help you see it more clearly and ensure the relevance of your project's social impact. Some of the questions included here may seem complicated and far from your everyday life. However, they are essential in preparing you as a social entrepreneur.

Click here to download the Guide to the 7 questions all social entrepreneurs should ask themselves to have a clear idea, develop their project and maximize their impact! and get some answers to the following questions:

  1. What social problem have you identified and how are you responding to it?
  2. What is your added value?
  3. What is your development strategy?
  4. What is your economic model?
  5. How do you accelerate your development by collaborating with other stakeholders of society?
  6. How do you measure your social impact?
  7. What is the best organizational model for your project?