Sport for an Everyone a Changemaker world

Activating a sports ecosystem where every person is a powerful contributor of positive social and environmental change.

How might everyone in the sports ecosystem see themselves as powerful contributors to the good of all? 

Over the last 6 months, we have mapped a network of over a hundred social innovators within the Ashoka ecosystem and key experts from the field using sport to realize an Everyone a Changemaker (EACH) world. Through more than 30 interviews and conversations with these global stakeholders, we identified the overarching shifts they’re working on to activate and mobilize the world of sport for the good of all.  

Here are 4 shifts we have recognized in our analysis:

Person laughing in front of a football pitch

Shift 1: Invest in the whole person to activate the agency of individuals

“Our goal is to develop better global citizens. A global citizen is someone who understands firsthand why they care about themselves, the others and the world, and knows that they can always create change by taking action.” – Dina Buchbinder  

Football team huddling for a conversation

Shift 2: Provide opportunities for all​ to thrive

“Making sports more inclusive and less competitive. I think sports could be a great way to promote well-being of the whole community.” - Markus Raivio 

Football pitch pictured from high up showcasing infrastructure

Shift 3: Leverage the footprint of sports

“The idea is that the projects are carried out in direct contact with the communities so that they truly meet their demands.” – Diane Pereira  

Team having fun showcasing a sneaker shoe

Shift 4: Expand the responsibility of the sport industry

“Outside of sports, businesses that understood that they cannot exist without social responsibility are very successful” - Jacek Purski  

Ashoka Fellows using sport for social change

Ashoka's Sport for Changemaking team