Inspiring Future Generations

Imagine if every reader was a changemaker. The Ashoka Worldreader Changemaker Collection is a series of children's books that illustrate the transformational journey of a young person leading change from Indonesia to Brazil. 

Each story includes a series of activities that cultivate empathy, socio-emotional intelligence, creative problem solving, teamwork, and leadership - the abilities necessary for navigating and driving change in a new world. These books are:

  • Tailored for children ages 6-12, but enjoyable for all ages.
  • Illustrated by a local artist and co-created with the young changemaker whose journey inspired the story.
  • Written by a young changemaker and translated by a global team.

By sharing these stories, we hope to inspire children and young people around the world to unleash their power as changemakers. Read our stories below!

Rebecca, The Maasai Changemaker

Rebecca, The Maasai Changemaker is inspired by the true story of a young girl in Kenya who was alarmed by the signs of climate change in her community. She educated herself about the problem, then galvanized her community and the government to take action and protect the environment. 

How did she change the minds of adults? What can we learn from her journey? Read and discover. 

Rebecca, The Maasai Changemaker.png

Art for All

Art for All is inspired by the true story of a young girl in Egypt who noticed that the refugees in her community sometimes had difficulty adjusting to their new home. She wanted everyone to feel welcome and to have the chance to be happy! Determined to take action, she used her love of art to help the refugees integrate into the community.

Who inspired her to take action? How did she do it? Read and discover. 

Art for All Cover

To Clean a Creek

To Clean a Creek is inspired by the true story of a young boy in Brazil who was saddened by the trash in and around the river near his home. Determined to take action, he inspired the people in his community to work together to clean up the river and restore the natural beauty of the area.

What role did his friends play in changing their community? Why does it matter? Read and imagine a cleaner, safer world for you and your community.

To Clean A Creek Book Cover

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project is inspired by the true story of a young girl in India who aspires for a world where wellbeing and mental health are a priority for every school, educator, and young person. Imagine if every student felt powerful to create a more positive environment in their classrooms and schools.

How did she overcome the stigma around mental health in her school? Why did she take on this challenge? Read and learn how you can take your first step to create a healthier, happier world. 

The Happiness Project Cover

Project Moo

Project Moo is based on the true story of how one girl from Indonesia used her love of animals to help hundreds of farmers - and cows - in her community. This story demonstrates how with supportive adult allies and a dream, any young person can positively impact their community.

Why does she care about cows? Who supported her on her journey? Read and discover how you can create change.


Project Moo Book Cover

Meet the Real Changemakers

Meet the five young people behind each story in the Ashoka Worldreader Changemaker Collection. 

Tribute to Milena Cayres

Milena Cayres play a significant role in the creation of this collection as well as leading translations in Portuguese. Let's continue her work.

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