Ashoka is mapping changemakers from the LGBTQIA+ community in India who are championing innovative ideas to address the unique challenges faced by gender and sexual minorities in the sub-continent. These changemakers are also leading intersectional movements and are driving systemic changes that benefit society as a whole. A few among these changemakers we have mapped were been featured in a series, co-produced by Ashoka and YourStory Media. This is part of Ashoka's global Next Now Gender initiative supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This series is by no means an indicative or exhaustive list of changemakers from the LGBTQIA+ community in India. Individuals and organisations featured here are from outside the Ashoka network of Fellows and Young Changemakers. Their stories bring new and diverse perspectives to our global conversation on reimagining gender equity.

Moving forward, the team will be engaging with more such changemakers from the queer community to learn from their experiences, and also to help them learn from Ashoka's network of social entrepreneurs who have built system-changing organisations and movements.

For queries and collaborations, please reach out to the team: [email protected]

Correct and Dignified Healthcare for the Trans* Community

Through her advocacy efforts, Dr Aqsa Shaikh is changing the healthcare education and practitioners’ guidelines in India to be inclusive for trans and queer folks. Aqsa is a Trans woman and a doctor who serves as an Associate Professor at the Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in...
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Aging and it's implications for the elderly among the Trans* community

Through her work in the Thane district of Maharashtra, Dr Yoga Nambiar is building an intersectional movement for positive change at the grassroots. In this conversation, Yoga shares the grim situation of elderly trans* people in India.
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The Unique challenges of upskilling the Trans* community

Transmen face extreme gender-based violence and have been 'invisibilised' in society, and unfortunately also within the broader community of gender and sexual minorities. In this conversation with Shaman Gupta , a Transman and Co-founder of TWEET Foundation, we learn about the unique challenges...
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Young people's movement for wellbeing and inclusive development in the North East

In this conversation, Sadam Hanjabam , Founder of Ya_All, talks about his changemaking journey and the positive change being created by young people in the North East of India. The Ya_All team is promoting a holistic conception of wellbeing that addressed queer rights, mental health, peace-building...
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Making Gender-Affirming Care acceessible for Trans* community

Through his work Mann Chavan, Founder of TALMS is providing trans* folks the autonomy to choose their preferred healthcare provider when it comes to sex reassignment surgeries, hormone replacement therapy, and other vital gender-affirming services. While the existing policy framework focusses on...
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Real Inclusion vs. Rainbow washing

BeUnic is among the very few startups in India that offer a unique marketplace for queer entrepreneurs, artisans, and creators. In this conversation with Ashish Chopra , Co-founder of BeUnic, we learn about challenges faced by queer micro-entrepreneurs and the need for large corporations to stop...
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Promoting LGBT+ inclusion in Corporate India

Ramkrishna Sinha , Co-founder of Pride Circle, talks about creating demand for LGBT+ talent at all levels and ensuring inclusion at corporate workspaces and on college campuses. Through their flagship audit - the India Workplace Equality Index (IWEI) - Pride Circle offers a benchmarking tool for...
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Retelling Indian history in an inclusive and engaging way

“Does the absence of narratives on sexuality equal to an absence of sexuality in history? It does not. It’s an absence of research and exclusion of sexuality from the dominant narrative.” says Eric Chopra , an aspiring historian, and Founder of Itihāsology. Through social media, the team promotes...
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On being a Queer teenager in India

Yagya is an Indian teenager who started the 'Desi Teen Queer Club' as an online and offline community of young people who identify as part of the gender and sexual minority to find a safe space and supportive community.
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