Calling Young Changemakers using STEM for Social Good!

General Motors (GM) and Ashoka, founders of the field of social entrepreneurship, are partnering to launch the STEM for Changemaking Challenge, an initiative to recognize and support extraordinary young people who have started projects to improve their schools, neighborhoods, and communities through STEM. In addition to venture support, this project will train these students to build a movement and bring more young people into changemaking.  

To thrive in a world increasingly defined by change, we need children, young people and adults to be changemakers. Throughout history, we see that the most powerful innovators are those motivated by societal issues that need solving. It is this type of purpose and commitment that unlocks the innovative potential of engineers, technologists, and scientists. Changemaking is a critical element to STEM that will help any young person discover their purpose and commitment to advance the world for the good of all.

At this very moment, young people are leading positive change in their communities across the country. Leveraging GM's long history and expertise in STEM and innovation, we will join together to amplify the power of a new generation of problem solvers, innovators, and changemakers. Will you join us?

How do I enter? Just fill out an application and let us know about the amazing work you’ve been doing in your community! The STEM for Changemaking Challenge is open to young people in the US ages 14-18 that want to make long-lasting positive impact in their communities and bring other young people into the changemaker movement.

25 finalists will receive:

  • Access to a $30,000 Innovation Fund

  • An all-expenses paid trip to a two-day intensive Changemaker Movement Building Workshop hosted  by GM in Detroit

  • Ongoing mentorship and skills development

Key Dates:

  • February 8th: Challenge opens

  • February 8-March 10th: Entry Phase. During this time, participants may submit entries, edit, and resubmit until the entry deadline.

  • March 8th: Entry Deadline.

  • April 2019: Winners attend the two-day Changemaker Movement Building Workshop  hosted by GM

Eligibility & Criteria

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Learn about prizes for selected ventures including funding, coaching, and a trip to the Changemaker Movement Building Workshop hosted by GM in Detroit in April 2019!
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STEM Venture Examples

Check out examples of how youth are using STEM to address social issues!
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