Person with short dark hair and glasses and a COVID mask speaking through a megaphone in an indoor space; background looks like either a big department store or a lobby in an office building



The power of changemaking

through the lenses of Leica Meet photographers





In 2022, Leica and Ashoka decided to join forces to address an invisible challenge: the need for more powerful images that represent changemaking


Leica enlisted the help of The Leica Meet, a Facebook community of over 18,000 photographers, and Ashoka connected them to leading social entrepreneurs who drive and effect social change on a daily basis. This resulted in nine photoshoots, in nine different countries, representing nine different initiatives run by Ashoka Fellows, portraying the thousands of different ways in which people work together to improve the world.


We invite you to immerse yourself in the diverse, dynamic and powerful visual world of changemaking as we have through this groundbreaking initiative:



Meet the Organizing Team          Map of the nine initiatives      All selected photos on Flickr



By Leica Meet Photographer Anita Pouchard Serra


Person with shoulder length dark hair, dark glasses, white blouse and black tank top sitting up and smiling to the right. Background of an office wall with a plant, with four posters about the "Unplastify" project
Row of bulk nuts in a grocery store
Person pouring pecans into a glass jar. Backdrop of bins of assorted nuts
Photo of a cafe counter, featuring canvas bags in the front holding food instead of plastic
Cleaning cart in front of a poster that says in Spanish "Deplasticar, accion progresiva a minimar el usa de plasticos escartables de manera sistemica" all in capital letters



By Leica Meet Photographer Geert Verstrepen


Close up black and white photo of a manmade beehive; two hands are lifting one row of the hive
Person in a beekeeping suit opening a hive; backdrop of a field with solar panels
Person in a beekeeping suit taking out a layer of a man-made beehive for harvesting; black and white photo
Photo of a beekeeper harvesting honey
Photo of a person holding up a small bottle in a science lab; black and white photo

Escola Ubuntu


By Leica Photographer Uiler Costa-Santos


Person with darker skin and shoulder length dark hair, glasses, and a head wrap; background of a field with trees.
Group of children in a circle looking at a Poloroid photo
Kids and an older adult in a wheelchair seated around a table, about to do a writing prompt together
Person in a wheelchair speaking to someone to the camera's left. Backdrop of a desk with a wall covered in photos
Child drawing on the ground; background of an orange



By Leica Meet Photographer Matt Kolasch



Person in a winter jacket with green hair with a red COVID mask on holding a poster up for another person to see. The poster is in the shape of a heart and has Ukrainian on it


Picture of a production control room; red "On Air" light at the top of the photo with a number of monitors below
Close up of an observer vest which has on it a list of languages the person speaks (English, German, French, Spanish)
Person with short dark hair and glasses and a COVID mask speaking through a megaphone in an indoor space; background looks like either a big department store or a lobby in an office building
People in a group talking in winter clothes as well as COVID masks on. Sign in Ukrainian
Photo of a person holding a sign on cardboard in Ukrainian. The sign is in between two people who are standing; we can only see their torsos (no faces)



By Leica Meet Photographer Paolo Siviero


Group of child to young adult aged futbol players gathered around a cooking mixing bowl with a whisk and a bottle of olive oil


Group of young adult aged futbol players in a circle at the center of a futbol field
Group of Futbol youth players in a circle
Group of young adult aged futbol players sitting on the side of a futbol field talking with one another
Two children dressed in light blue on the sideline of a futbol field
Group of youth futbol players with their hands in the middle



By Leica Photographer Gonçalo Fonseca and Ashoka Fellow Miguel Neiva



Adult with long dark brown hair next to a child with ColorADD glasses on (helps colorblind kids see color clearly). They are working on the child's writing
Child with ColorADD glasses on (glasses which help colorblind kids see color clearly). The child is looking up wonderously
Photo of children in ColorADD glasses on (glasses that help colorblind kids see color clearly) all coloring together on a table
Children around a table wearing ColorADD glasses (glasses that help colorblind kids see color clearly); a child at the end of the table has an astonished smile on her face. Everyone is in a group coloring
Children in a classroom all with astonished smiles on their faces. All of them have just put on the ColorADD glasses (glasses that help colorblind kids see color clearly)and just took them off for a second. Children are facing at a subject to the camera left. Background is a classroom and all the children are sitting down at desks

Edible Garden City


By Leica Photographer Graciela M. Magnoni



Person in a greenhouse smelling a flower that is growing off a vine suspended in the air
A group of children with COVID masks on in a garden terrance exploring the foliage. Two children are squatting down gathering some flowers in a bowl
Photo of a rooftop garden area; people in the walkways exploring the plants on the side of the walkways
Two people facing away from the camera reaching up to touch a tree on a rooftop garden. Background overlooking the city scyscrapers below the rooftop
Children sitting at tables inside a classroom chopping up vegetables
Two people squatting in a garden patch smiling at each other

Local Alike


By Leica Photographer Joe Nattapol Suphawong


Black and white photo of a person with short hair and glasses draining a liquid from a giant metal vat
A person behind a shop keepers kiosk talking to a person right next to the camera. Background is a shop
Two people walking down a railroad behind a number of houses
Two people speaking with a food vender in a market
A person laying in a hammock; background of clothes hanging by a clothesline


United Kingdom

By Leica Meet Photographer Prodeepta Das



People standing in a circle with paper in their hands, doing a group activity and speaking animatedly
Group of youth speaking in a circle
Picture on the outside of a group of adults sitting a table in a large high ceiling room
Group of adults speaking at a table together in a large room; background of other tables with groups of adults speaking
Group of people sitting in a circle speaking to each other over a group activity
Youth spaced out about 7-10 feet (2-3 meters) from each other standing on small stone pillars in a diagonal line; background of skyscrapers and a concrete plaza

The Organizing Team

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