Daniela de Carvalho Matielo

Ashoka Staff
Headshot of Dani Matielo. Person with lighter skin and longer dark hair smiling to the right of the camera. Dressed in a red top and background is a park
Executive Director Ashoka Changemakers, Ashoka Peer to Peer and One Community Team

Dani Matielo has been working in the field of technology and social change for more than 20 years – having coded, led and co-founded several initiatives that leverage the potential and reach of the internet to increase access to knowledge, social capital and civic participation. She was the leader of the Acessa São Paulo digital inclusion program, at São Paulo University‘s School of the Future lab, which had more than 600 internet points that served more than 1M users. She was also a co-founder of Repórter Brasil, with Ashoka Fellow Leonardo Sakamoto, and RedeHumanizasus, the largest online network of users of the public health system in Brazil. At Ashoka since 2011, she leads the Changemakers.com program, which leverages open social innovation and online learning to illuminate and inspire changemakers from all around the world. She has a BA in Journalism and was a PhD candidate at the IN3 - Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, of the Universitat Oberta da Catalunya, Spain.