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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Ernest Jr. Edmond Fellow Canada Sports, At risk youth, Youth leadership, Civic Engagement, Youth development, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Changemaking 2023
Kat Kavanagh Fellow Canada Environment & Sustainability, Citizen / community participation, Environment, Information & communication technology, Water management 2023
Sara Dent Fellow Canada Environment & Sustainability, Agriculture, Climate change, Economic development, Environment 2023
Keith Wattley Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Criminal justice 2023
Bryan Gilvesy Fellow Canada Environment & Sustainability, Agriculture 2023
Cheryl Perera Fellow Canada 2023
Gabriela Agustini Fellow Brazil 2023
Nora Joseph Fellow Haiti Business & Social Enterprise, Cooperatives, Food security, Gender equity, Microfinance, Sustainable development, Technology, Renewable energy, Poverty alleviation, Nutrition, Agriculture, Economic development, Ethical consumption, Environment & Sustainability, Microenterprise 2023
Ana Paula Morales Fellow Brazil Environment & Sustainability, Health & Fitness, Climate change, Communications, Environment, Food security, Journalism 2023
Graciela Rojas Fellow Mexico Gender equity, Networking, Corporate social responsibility, Education reform, Changemaking, Capacity building 2023
Raghunathan Narayanan Fellow India Agriculture, Biodiversity, Business & Social Enterprise, Climate change, Community development, Conservation / protection, Economic development, Financial services / markets, Food security, Gender equity, Income generation, Microenterprise, Microfinance, Natural resource management, Poverty alleviation, Rural development, Social enterprise, Social investment, Vulnerable populations, Water management 2023
Dylan Terrell Fellow Mexico Water management, Pollution, Education / Learning, Construction, Technology, Social work, Sustainability, Health & Fitness, Health care, Rural development 2023
Katia Brasil Fellow Brazil 2023
Nikita Ketkar Fellow India 2023
Global Changemakers Fellow 2023