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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Purvi Shah Fellow United States 2020
Danielle Sered Fellow United States 2020
Francesca Cavallini Fellow Italy 2020
Claudia Ravaldi Fellow Italy Human Rights & Equality, Health & Fitness, Health care, Health education, Reproductive health, Infant health, Maternal health, Mental health 2020
Sarah Hüttenberend Fellow Germany 2020
Lisanne Knop Fellow Germany 2020
Salomé Berlioux Fellow France 2020
Stéphane Gigandet Fellow France Environment & Sustainability, Health & Fitness, Agriculture, Consumer protection, Eco products, Environment, Ethical consumption, Food security, Green consumption, Health education, News & knowledge, Nutrition, Transparency, Waste 2020
Diane Dupré La Tour Fellow France 2020
Rita Banerji Fellow India Youth development, Wildlife conservation, Social enterprise, Information & communication technology, Environment & Sustainability 2019
Debjeet Sarangi Fellow India 2019
Apar Gupta Fellow India Technology, Public policy, Law and legal reform, Human rights 2019
Colégio Novo da Maia Changemaker School Portugal Crianças e Jovens 2019
Agrupamento de Escolas do Cerco Changemaker School Portugal Crianças e Jovens 2019
Colégio MonteFlor Changemaker School Portugal Crianças e Jovens 2019