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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Sönke Siefert Fellow Germany 2023
Martin Loučka PhD Fellow Czech Republic Health care, Health education, Higher education, Medical research 2023
Saransh Vaswani Fellow India 2023
Giulia Detomati Fellow Italy Environment & Sustainability, Children & Youth, Environment, Green business, Climate change 2023
Alejandro Mayoral Baños Fellow Canada Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Education / Learning, Information & communication technology, Technology, Corporate social responsibility, Ethics, Social enterprise 2023
Scott Stirrett Fellow Canada Adult education 2023
Camesha Cox Fellow Canada 2023
Rachel Kiddell-Monroe Fellow Canada 2023
José Soares Fellow Portugal 2023
Lefteris Arapakis Fellow Italy 2023
Lorenzo Marini Fellow Spain Non-formal education, Adult education, Journalism, Democracy & voting, Education / Learning 2023
Melanie Redman Fellow Canada At risk youth, Youth development, Vulnerable populations, Child protection 2023
Pavel Hrica Fellow Slovakia 2023
Rosy Russo Fellow Italy Human Rights & Equity, Civic Engagement, Communications, Civil rights, Non-formal education, Journalism, Citizen / community participation, Media, News & knowledge, Racial equity, Citizen sector, Tolerance / pluralism 2023
Alpha Sennon Fellow Trinidad and Tobago Agriculture, Education / Learning 2023