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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Jacek Siadkowski Fellow Poland Civic Engagement, Citizen / community participation, Citizen sector, Information & communication technology, Technology 2022
Paula Bruszewska Fellow Poland 2022
Elyes Guermazi Fellow Tunisia 2022
Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin Fellow Nigeria 2022
Armin Salek Fellow United States Civic Engagement, Civil rights, Law and legal reform 2022
Joy Tony Fellow Nigeria 2022
Lorenzo Lewis Fellow United States Health & Fitness, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Boys’ development, Community development, Mental health, Men’s issues 2022
Francisca Awah Mbuli Fellow Cameroon Business & Social Enterprise, Agriculture, Capacity building, Changemaking, Child abuse, Child care, Child exploitation, Child labor, Child protection, Domestic violence, Economic development, Gender equity, Human trafficking, Income generation, Poverty alleviation, Social enterprise, Violence & Abuse, Volunteerism, Vulnerable populations, Women’s issues 2022
Ariel Koren Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Civil rights, Human rights, Vulnerable populations 2022
Rodrigo Savazoni Fellow Brazil 2022
Elisabeth Cardoso Fellow Brazil 2022
Angela Mendes Fellow Brazil Community development, Sustainable development, Youth development, Land rights, Human rights, Ecology, Environmental justice, Youth leadership, Environment & Sustainability, Climate change, Conservation / protection 2022
Kenya Cuevas Fellow Mexico 2022
Ewa Furgał Fellow Poland Human Rights & Equity, Employment, Gender equity, Health care, Health education, LGBTQ+ rights, Mental health, Women’s issues 2022
Roberval Tavares Fellow Costa Rica 2022